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Get Together for Robotics II: Wrap-Up

Following its major success last year, the Get Together for Robotics conference was held once again. Accompanied by a large number of online participants, around 100 participants from 39 companies met in Erlangen, Germany, to promote cross-organizational standardization in robotics. Besides robot experts and PLC manufacturers, the event was also attended by startups and customers. […]

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How Omlox and Location Data Help Overcome Worker Shortages

The logistics and manufacturing industries have long been the backbone of global trade and economic growth. However, these sectors are currently facing a significant challenge: a shortage of skilled workers. The scarcity of qualified personnel in roles ranging from machine operators, warehouse workers to supply chain managers has the potential to disrupt operations and hinder […]

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New Use-Case Implemented for PROFIdrive

Thanks to the release of the VIK-NAMUR specific GSD file – a new use-case has been added to the PROFIdrive profile and now allows any device change during operation without adapting a device-specific configuration or changing setting parameters – even when changing devices across manufacturer boundaries. This kind of system behavior, which is desirable in […]

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The PROFINET Security Specification Makes Concrete Progress

Security in the field of operative technology (OT) is proving itself to be a decisive requirement for secure data collection, which is of crucial importance when it comes to implementing digitalization projects. Digitalization means, for example, the optimization of production processes and alignment between the physical and digital worlds. At the same time, normative requirements […]

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SRCI: a Win-Win-Win for Robot Automation

Introduction The adoption of robots in modern production lines to increase automation and reduce costs is growing at a rapid pace.  This includes the large robot lines often seen in the automotive industry, but across other industries as well. Even medium-sized companies, whether in the food & beverage industry, the packaging industry, or even electronics […]

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New Products – November 2023

Smart Lithium Battery with PROFINET Hellpower Energy is launching a PROFINET-enabled battery that seamlessly integrates into existing PROFINET systems and overcomes traditional communication barriers. Developed as a lithium battery for Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV), the product meets the specific requirements of industrial environments. Future developments are already planned, includnig a battery simulator, and chargers with a […]