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“IO-Link vs SPE” …

in News

In common factory automation applications, IO-Link easily meets most requirements. Smart Factory developments driven by Industry 4.0 are creating new challenges, though. The portfolio of IO-Link devices is also growing, which in turn is expanding potential areas of application. For example, there is indeed demand for transferring IO-Link over greater distances than the 20 m […]

Security Measures Continue to Evolve to Guarantee Security for PROFINET’s IT System

in News

Already very early – in parallel with the first PROFINET specifications – PI published an extensive security concept, which was further refined and adapted in multiple steps. It is not sufficient simply to protect plant networks and automation components, rather the used protective mechanisms and concepts must not interfere with the running production operation. Moreover, […]

Digital-driven solutions boost plant control and management

in News

Unexpected plant shutdowns often result in serious productivity loss, expensive downtime and high costs of repair and replacement. Low staff engagement can have a similar effect – lessening your workforce’s voluntary effort, reducing levels of collaboration and sometimes causing staff to actively undermine the business. Fortunately however, a single solution exists that can help to […]

Training a key step in the race to stay relevant

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The push to future-proof factory and process automation businesses will continue at pace in 2017 driven by the digital revolution; the options remain to invest, train and keep up, or fall behind into irrelevance. The Industrial Internet of Things trend is as relevant to factories as it is in mine sites, water treatment plants and […]

PROFINET – The Movie. Technology made easy

in News

Congested highways, many intersections with traffic lights, and the ever-present heavy trucks slowing you down – traffic obstructions such as these are a nuisance not only to car drivers. In automated networks such as PROFINET, the “data highway” of the industry, so to speak, such obstacles play a decisive role in the quality of the […]