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All posts by: Ella Averill-Russell

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First devices with PROFINET over APL and PA Profile 4 on the start

With PROFINET over APL, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) provides a new, Ethernet-based communication protocol for the field level of process automation, which meets all requirements for robustness and simplicity on the basis of the new Advanced Physical Layer (Ethernet-APL). PROFINET over APL ensures fast, seamless access to data in field devices in process plants […]

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Signed GSDML Files for Greater Security

In the field of automation, security protection is indisputably becoming more and more important all the time. That is why the security experts at PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) have drawn up a comprehensive security concept using recognized methods & means and described it in specifications. Depending on the requirement situation, three PROFINET security classes […]

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A stable foundation for PROFINET over TSN

With completion of the V2.4 MU3 documentation, the experts at PI (PROFIBUS and PROFINET International) finished the specification work for PROFINET over TSN in mid 2022. The scope and depth of all the required TSN functions and the corresponding configuration using PROFINET resources are described in detail. Naturally, experience gained from the initial implementations and […]

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Full support for PROFINET over TSN

Over the past two years, a wide variety of different experts at PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) have been heavily engaged with the integration of TSN into PROFINET, which is still the driving theme for PROFINET. This not only includes the working groups which created the specification documents and which actively supported the standardization work […]

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Holistic and automated material flow with omlox

Due to increasing and volatile demand in eCommerce, shaken supply-chains and labor shortages, there is a lot of emphasis on automation in intralogistics these days. Logistics companies are deploying automated guided vehicles, robots and invest in modernization of their IT landscape. Systems are becoming increasingly complex which poses the need for interoperable and open standards. […]