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Ethernet-APL Technology Now Available: Standards Complete, Products Entering Market

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Weber, 06/22/2021 The numerous barriers to deploying high-speed Ethernet enabled instrumentation in hazardous process automation facilities are now resolved with the introduction of Ethernet-APL technology. Ethernet-APL is the new two-wire, intrinsically-safe physical layer suitable for use in demanding process automation applications.  Ethernet-APL’s benefits include dramatically improved communication speed, hazardous area reach, power to field instrumentation, and […]

Updates available for certification tools and GSD Checker

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Weber, 09/27/2021 The implementation of future-proof technology hinges on the integration of concepts – and the specifications based on them – into different devices from many manufacturers. This enables users to meet continually increasing requirements on efficiency and cost effectiveness, as well as to overcome new digitization challenges in systems and machines. For this, in turn, […]

New white paper released: “Information models – PI strategy for Industry 4.0”

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The new white paper entitled “Information models” describes their role within PI technologies and points out the path to implementation of Industry 4.0 applications. Weber, 04/12/2022 The classic communication landscape consists of cyclic data exchange between controllers and field devices, as well as data exchange for parameter setting, monitoring and diagnostics of the field devices. In […]

Impressive figures for PROFINET and IO-Link

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Weber, 04/25/2022 Despite more than two years of delivery issues and other uncertainties as a result of the pandemic, manufacturers of products using technology from PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) have reported very positive figures for 2021. This is especially true for PROFINET and IO-Link. In no small part is this thanks to years of consistent […]

“IO-Link Safety Certified Designer” training course

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Weber, 05/10/2022 IO-Link Safety expands machines and systems automated with IO-Link to include functionally safe components and communication. The latest version of the IO-Link Safety specification (1.1.3) and version 1.1 of the associated test specification with protocol and functional tests build upon the successful base technology specifications in the IO-Link 2020 package.   An English-language “IO-Link Safety […]

Webinar: PI Digital Transformation Technologies

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We would like to emphasize to promote our next international webinar “PI Digital Transformation Technologies” taking place on April 6. This webinar offers you information about the current status and roadmap of technologies for a secured converged network, and standardized information models. Topics include: architecture, PROFINET integration, OPC UA, TSN, security, SPE, and 5G. Make initial plans for […]

MTP added to PI technology portfolio

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The production of modern goods requires production plants of ever-increasing complexity. The time and effort required for planning, configuration and commissioning is increasing, and costs are rising accordingly as well. This is where Module Type Package (MTP) technology comes into play. The modularization of a production plant makes it possible to use standardized plant parts. […]

PROFINET Community Stack

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Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) gives PROFINET room to increase performance and flexibility in use. Experts at PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) realized this early on and integrated TSN into the PROFINET specification. To support the spread and interoperability of PROFINET over TSN, PI has launched a PROFINET community stack project.  The objective is to simplify […]